The past few years has been nothing short of a success story for the Chicago based Pop/Alternative musician Austin Jones. With his recent achievements on social media that have seen him become a fan favorite of hundreds of thousands on Vine, Youtube, and Facebook, to summer 2014’s “We’ll Fall Together” B-sides Ep success, which saw Austin’s first major charting appearance on the billboard heat seekers chart at #34.
With all that Austin achieved, this past year continued that success as he was seen headlining his first nation-wide tour series in the “We’ll Fall Together” tour, playing to thousands of fans while releasing the widely popular, “Pitch Imperfect” EP in spring of 2016. Overall, Austin keeps a humble approach to music and his successes saying, “I never thought it would turn into this, Life’s obstacles are gifts in disguise.” Eager to build on what he has accomplished this year, the future is bright for this young emerging artist.

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