Carbine are a 5-piece Heavy Hardcore band from Sheffield (UK). Formed in March 2015, taking influence from Nasty, Malevolence and Desolated to name a few – Carbine managed to play their first show with seasoned HC band Hang the Bastard only a few months later. Following numerous line-up changes throughout 2015/2016 the band is now heading to the studio to record the debut album in Spring 2017 with best line-up to date.

The debut EP ‘Cold Blooded’ was released via One Life One Crew (EU) and Chugcore (USA) in December 2016 and has already amassed over 20k views on the EP stream on YouTube and over 40k on the new music video ‘Violation’ which was released last month.

After only releasing one track in November 2015 – Carbine smashed multiple EU mainland open air fests including main stage at Traffic Jam Open Air 2016 with Silverstein, Astroid Boys, and Hacktivist. Also, DIY booking multiple date tours throughout the year with European bands Chamber of Malice and Wolfpack. 

Over this short space of time Carbine have supported a large variety of international headliners on separate shows and festivals across the UK and Europe. These include bands such as Silverstein (USA), Hacktivist, I Declare War (USA), Ingested, Black Tongue, First Blood (USA), Astroid Boys, Lionheart (USA), Rise of The Northstar (FRA), Nasty (GER), Legend (USA), Pay No Respect, Malevolence, Aversions Crown (AUS) and many more.

The EP ‘Cold Blooded’ features guest sections from vocalists Alex Teyen (Black Tongue), Pierre Pelbu (Knuckledust), Luke Griffin (Acrania) and Matt Jones (Martyr Defiled); it also contains an official release of the first single and first music video “Lead Those Who Follow”.