The savoir vivre of the carefree youth is especially reflected again in the dance-
parts of their music. Because these six know from personal experiences, what their
generation wants. “Partying and dancing! Through the electronical elements, a
danceable mix can be noticed in our music. That is very important to us, because our
music is meant to create a good mood.”

The priorities are set, it´s all about looking ahead now. “We simply want to continue
as before. A lot of traveling, meeting new people, visiting cities, in order to expand
our network – shortly: having a good time. Our “big” goal is to participate in a tour
through the United States. But above all, we do not want to give up that what our
music stands for. Because it’s not just about the music alone, but also about a
temporary sense of life, that we want to achieve with it.”

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