NEXT TO NONE is a metal band based out of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania featuring Max Portnoy on drums, Derrick Schneider on guitar, Kris Rank on bass, and Thomas Cucé on keyboards and lead vocals. 

The band was formed in 2012 and spent several years performing live and writing music. In 2015, Next To None released their first album “A Light In The Dark” on Inside Out Music. The record was produced by Mike Portnoy and received rave reviews, which marked them out as one of the youngest bands to break into the progressive metal scene, as well as landing Max Portnoy, Rhythm Magazines “BEST NEW DRUMMER OF 2015” award. 

With the success of “A Light In The Dark” and after extensive touring all around the USA as well as Europe, Next To None is now getting ready to release their completely self written and produced second album “Phases” on July 7th, 2017. On Inside Out Music in Europe and EMP Label Group in the USA.

“We actually began to write songs for the new record as soon as we finished the first one,” explains drummer Max Portnoy. As previously, this involved the duo of Portnoy and vocalist/keyboard player Thomas Cuce collaborating in this part of the process.

“This album is very special to us because it’s the first time we recorded and self-produced our entire album.”

“Working with Adam Nolly Getgood on the mix has been one of the highlights of this
recording for us. He captured the exact sound we wanted right from the start.”

Next To None’s new album “Phases’ is a blend of progressive metal fused with hardcore/heavy metal and melodic choruses. Portnoy believes Next To None have become a sharper and more challenging band with ‘Phases’.

”This time around you’re getting more of what we want to express to everyone, musically and lyrically.”