Parasitic Ejaculation is a Slam band formed in summer 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA. We recorded our debut EP titled ‘Sickening Conduct’ with Max Zigman of Son of Aurelius, Smaragos, and Inanimate Existence, which we released independently. In summer 2012, Gore House Productions re-released ‘Sickening Conduct’, limiting it to 500 copies. Our debut full-length ‘Rationing the Sacred Human Remains’, again recorded by Max Zigman, is out now on Ghastly Music, being released on July 22, 2013! In summer 2014 we completed our first successful overseas tour in Europe and have toured the US multiple times. Our second full-length album titled ‘Echoes of Depravity’, recorded again by Max Zigman at Parade Outrageous Studios, was released officially on January 13, 2015 on Amputated Vein Records. We are currently working on our third full-length album.