Point North is an Alt Rock/Pop-Punk group based out of Los Angeles, California signed to Dark Kingdom Records (Artery Label Group/Sony).  Born from the ashes of previous bands, Point North symbolizes the power of friendship and unity through music and passion. Fronted by Jon Lundin (Best Kept Secret, Lesser) and backed by former bandmates Benji Bryan (Best Kept Secret), Brady Szuhaj (Best Kept Secret, Late Nite Reading), and Andy Hershey (Lesser), Point North looks to merge the nostalgic sound of the Grunge and early Pop Punk movements of the late 1990s and early 2000s with a modern flare, creating a diverse sound that is both emotional and powerfully catchy. 

With their debut EP “A Light in a Dark Place,” (as seen in Rocksound magazine, being called “a band you do not want to miss”) the band plans to insight a sense of revolution and unity in listeners, allowing the music and message to reach a vast worldwide audience through pop-based melodies and hard-hitting instrumentals. As made clear by the image and sound, Point North is an embodiment of the varying musical backgrounds of each individual member. This translates directly into the live show, which creates an all-inclusive experience that allows every member of the audience to have their own unique connection to the band and the music.

With the early 2017 release of “A Light in a Dark Place,” there is nothing but forward progress for this band. See you in a city near you soon! And remember: when all goes south, Point North.

Agent:   chris.spencer@arteryglobal.com