Music had always came easy to the members of Woes, who had toured the UK and Europe multiple times in previous bands. All while holding down serious jobs, supporting loved ones and carving a name for themselves as talented performers in their own right. Creatively spent and losing focus, towards the end of 2015, they turned a mirror on themselves and decided to make a change. At the beginning of 2016 Woes was born, with one goal. To do absolutely everything involved in being a musician with 100% effort and application, no excuses.

The early part of 2016 was spent writing, the band turned to Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, ROAM, WSTR) to help them realise their vision in the studio. Often working 19-20 hour days recording and perfecting songs, making alterations minutes before parts were recorded to create a 5 track EP that truly reflects the best they have to offer. Songs that veer from buoyant messages of hope to crushing despair and back again, without ever losing direction. That combine high-energy, poppy hooks with technical instrumentation that belies their one guitar set up. And that can be delicate one minute, and mind-bindingly heavy the next. Their self-titled EP was released in late 2016 via Rude Records (Blood Youth, Homebound, Decade) to critical acclaim, gaining traction with Alternative Press, Rock Sound and Kerrang! TV, earning the band a dedicated following in the process.

2017 sees the band gearing up to hit stages across the UK and Europe, as well as teaming up again with Seb Barlow to record the much anticipated follow-up to their debut release.